April meets Cardano — ZOE is born :)

Hi, my real name is April, but this is my journey to becoming ZOE.
Everyone has dreams, and aspires to become the best version of themselves, both in the present moment and distant future. I have mine too, yet when I set out they had nothing to do with the tech world. When I was younger I simply wanted to study law, which would enable me to support the less privileged in my community. It was my friend Joshua (Nigerian Cardano ambassador) who first introduced me to the tech world, and inevitably blockchain. He provided me with relevant materials to study, and continued to emphasize how tech is our future. I was hesitant at first, scared even, as throughout my life I’d always had a phobia for technology and related subjects.

As time passed my curiosity grew, intensifying. I became interested in topics like artificial intelligence, coding and programming. This lead me to where I am today, currently going through the Haskell programming class. I also decided to take some classes online, studying the first, second and third generation of blockchain. It was the third generation (Cardano) which made me fall head over heels. This was mainly due to the fact that it was not merely about cryptocurrencies, rather, it offered solutions to real life problems. As an African, I understand the problems we face as a result of poor governance, and Cardano provides the solution to many of them.


This became my motivation, my hunger, my drive. I wanted to learn more, primarily so that I could raise awareness in Nigeria and the continent at large, informing my fellow Africans that there are solutions to some of these problems. “The worst thing that can happen to Africa is digital colonization.” As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t going to happen, because we will raise awareness. The road to becoming Zoe was not an easy one, but I was able to achieve this with the help of the amazing members of the Cardano community. I made many errors along the way, lost a lot of ADA, but the vision kept me on track. The likes of Holger, the Ladies of Cardano and other wonderful community members all contributed, eventually helping me achieve Zoepool.

To raise awareness, funds will be needed to arrange meetups and seminars, this is why ZOEPOOL was created. Zoe is Greek for Life, and we intend to bring life to Africa. This will be achieved step by step, in our own little way, by bringing blockchain education to the continent, especially to women. We also aim to support young entrepreneurs, improving the quality of life for the under privileged and less talented in our society. A lot of needs can be addressed here, and I feel deeply that if we’re successful we’ll be solving a huge percentage of the problems we face. I am extremely passionate about tech, especially blockchain technology. When I finally conclude my LLB program my speciality will be will be ‘advocacy for blockchain technology in the legal system and real estate’. If you’re reading this then I want you to know something.

You don’t need a degree in technology or to be a programmer in order to exist in this world, especially not in Cardano. In the Cardano community there are lawyers like myself, journalists, artists, photographers and a
whole load of amazing individuals. Everyone from every background is represented here, it’s the blockchain of diversity.

I love you, and I want you to be a part of this amazing future that lies before us. It’s
not too late to join the train. THIS TRAIN DON’T STOP, THIS TRAIN WON’T STOP.




An African based stakepool focused on #WomenInBlockchain.
ZOEPOOL is not a mirage, it’s a luscious watering hole of knowledge and rewards within the Cardano ecosystem. This is a place like no other, a digital sanctuary where Women in Blockchain are cherished. Dive into the pool where you can increase your blockchain knowledge, and improve your future simply by visiting. Stake your ADA and reap the benefits. We intend to use a portion of our rewards to raise blockchain and financial literacy on the ground, both here in Africa and beyond. We’ll achieve this by using funds earned from the stakepool to run educational programs.

These will be designed to encourage African women to follow their technological curiosity, allowing them to emerge confidently into the blockchain ecosystem, where they’ll discover that it’s an ecosystem for everyone. Representing Africa in the Cardano ecosystem is something we are very proud of, and immensely passionate about. We strive to contribute towards securing the network, aiming to help achieve Cardano’s vision, of creating a future that resembles “possibility for the many, as well as the few.”

ZOEPOOL actively seeks to enter a position where it can aid small businesses, ones run by entrepreneurs (especially women) in the African community. We also want to contribute to philanthropic efforts, improving the quality of life for the underprivileged and less talented. We’ll succeed by engaging with and supporting those who are genuinely trying to make the lives of others better, but may not have the resources and tools to do so.

Remember that ZOEPOOL is African based, which means the sun stays shining on her forever. Let this light never be eclipsed, nor the flames of our passion extinguished. We shall carry this light to anyone and everyone who comes to visit, illuminating the path towards freedom.

Come quench your crypto thirst in ZOEPOOL.

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A place where #WomenInBlockchain are cherished.